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Green Diamond Technologies

Green Diamond Technologies

M2M Telematics rebrands to Green Diamond Technologies to leverage new opportunities in the environmental market

The company formally known as M2M Telematics Ltd., a leading provider of telematic solutions, has announced that it has rebranded to Green Diamond Technologies as a result of emerging opportunities in the European recycling industry.

The company, which was established in 2003 in Ireland, provides leading-edge technology solutions that enable waste recycling organisations to introduce improvements in operational efficiencies and improve overall profitability. Its flagship product, EMERALD Bin Monitoring, enables recycling companies to monitor fill levels within all recycling bins, helping them to eliminate wasteful collection trips, streamline their operations and comply with emerging regulations.

According to Mark McCarville, CEO of Green Diamond Technologies, “The decision to rebrand was a strategic one. We’re still using the same technologies – machine to machine telematics – but now we’re much more focused on the recycling marketplace, helping waste recycling companies to cope with increasing regulatory pressure and introduce efficiencies into their service business models. We wanted a brand identity that would provide a stronger and better strategic fit with our propositions and our target market”.

New regulations, such as the Waste Framework Directive (2008), aim to increase national recycling rates to 50% for household waste (from its current level at 27%) and 70% for demolition waste in each EU country. This will mean that all recycling collection service providers will need to quantify collection amounts, which will be collated on a national level to determine the national recycling rate.

Green Diamond’s rebranding not only includes a new look and name change - the company has also launched a completely new website

Green Diamond Technologies